NZ Calla Council Inc

How do I join the NZ Calla Council (NZCC) ?

To apply for membership, download a .PDF copy of the APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP (2013-2014) form, fill in the details requested [making sure you have first read the Constitution and Rules of the NZCC], and either post or fax your completed application form and payment to our office [instructions provided on the form].

(n.b. you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer to view these files.... download Adobe Reader software for free by clicking here). If you can not download the application form, please contact the NZCC office, and we will send an application to you.

How much will it cost ?

For the 2013-2014 period, membership costs NZ$201.25 (including GST). Our membership year runs from 1 July through to 30 June, with subscriptions falling due on 31 August in any given year. New members shall be granted a pro rata subscription based upon the number of part or full months remaining to the next 30 June.

Why should I join the NZCC ?

The NZ Calla Council hopes to provide an independant forum for information of value to those involved with the NZ calla industry. So what will you gain access to by becoming a member?
  • The right to purchase a hard copy of the Calla Growers Handbook published by NZCC.
  • Full access [non-members only receive limited access] to the online version of the Calla Growers Handbook, with;
    • inserted updates by people in industry and researchers,
      revised topics.
    • exclusive access to members only online discussion forums (your questions and answers)
    • exclusive access to other members' contact details (if released)
  • Free entry to NZCC Regional group activities, such as grower visits and discussion group meetings [other costs may still need to be covered].
  • Copies of all newsletters (i.e. CALLA news) either in hard copy or via the website.
  • Representation in NZ-wide, horticulture-related, initiatives dealing with Government (e.g. biosecurity, labour supply, air freight).
  • Participation in prioritising research and extension activities, and gaining immediate access to results.
  • Full access to archival reports, newsletters, etc.

What are my obligations as a member ?

A simple answer to encapsulate what your obligations are as a member of the NZCC is "abide by the Constitution and Rules of the NZ Calla Council Inc." However with ongoing investment by the NZCC into technical research, we particularly wish to affirm that members are required to not disclose details of any new technical information to anyone other than members of the NZCC. To access a copy of the Constitution and Rules, follow this link, and you'll download a .PDF file that you can either read online or print off a hard copy. Please note you'll need a copy of the software known as Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to open and view this file. Download Adobe Reader software for free by clicking here. If you still can not download the file, please contact the NZCC office, and we will send you a copy.

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